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World Cafe Live began with a question. As a lifelong concertgoer, Hal Real noticed that it had become harder over the years to persuade his friends and loved ones to venture out for live music, especially to discover new artists. Though Hal was still willing to brave long lines and stand on sticky floors, accepting lousy acoustics and obstructed views as the price of entry, fewer and fewer of his contemporaries were willing to join him.

So where, Hal asked himself, is the Live Music for Grownups®? This was the question. And the answer, which took seven years to declare itself, was World Cafe Live.

Opened in 2004 at 3025 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, World Cafe Live was designed to change the landscape for artists and audiences of all ages. The result is a new model of what a modern music venue can and should be, providing pristine acoustics, clear sightlines, comfortable seating and fine food and drink. Add to that: an amazing staff, over 500 ticketed concerts each year, and shows that usually start by 7:30 and end by 10:30 so it's possible to go out on a weeknight and still get to work the next day!

Now in its second generation with the opening of World Cafe Live - Wilmington (DE) on April 1, 2011, the WCL model has been endorsed by artists, embraced by audiences and emulated by other new venues around the country. World Cafe Live is in the process of exploring expansion opportunities Live Music for Grownups® to other cities. For more information, contact Hal Real by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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